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       The company was established in the Republic of China 89 years, the company is different from the traditional frozen food and beverage equipment, and actively strive for the transformation of the modern store and entrepreneurial ideas have ulterior motives, "speed" to the real service presented to you; We are aware of the needs of the owners, the use of the most advanced food and beverage equipment, the intention to help you plan your business, the use of the most convenient food and beverage facilities, Store, to the overall development of catering equipment, and increase the product and store the design of the identification. In recent years in order to meet the needs of more young customers, from a simple food and beverage equipment manufacturers, evolved into a full range of diversified work lineup! We are trying to transition to a modern model, the main purpose is to help the industry to create new brands and how to create a catering business, and to teach entrepreneurs more coffee and tea and related catering industry with the shop needs and experience.

"Safe" modern food, refrigeration equipment, worthy of your trusted service:
To provide the best quality of the store planning and catering equipment, is the "speed of the restaurant planning" concept, the company display a wealth of food equipment, refrigeration equipment, you want to have here, there are domestic and foreign imports of food and beverage equipment, or set Do not be a standard product, whether it is a large food factory, restaurant kitchen, or general business / small vendors, for your consistent service. Consistent service.

Other services:
Speed ​​proud to provide a complete set of shop process
CIS design (business card, postcard, DM, poster, cloth flag)
Space planning (3D configuration design; commercial space design)
Image marketing (related books)

Towards the development of a pluralistic nature:
In the future, we will also have excellent management team, including complete design and design, manufacturing department, and installation and maintenance. We will also have a good management plan and a complete management plan.